Keep Calm and Support Messi in his Bad Phases

Keep Calm and Support Messi in his Bad Phases

Bad phases for Messi’s life have just started and they will be imprinted on people’s mind for life. He will get hatred from all corners of the world no matter what he triumphs, no matter how magical individual football he plays. Messi fans are obviously hurt and reading articles written by Messi haters gives a lot of pain to these fanatics, like people are putting a negative point of view about their Idol or their club and they can’t do anything about it because this negative propaganda does make sense.

What should be addressed during these tough times or maybe after the 4-0 loss to Liverpool is that when you support someone wholeheartedly their defeats feel like your defeats and they do sting. It is easy to shower your love to a winning team but it takes a real fan to support them in their bad phases. There are people with little knowledge of football but when the hype for a big club or a prodigy is created they suddenly become “FOOTBALL FANS”.
Defending your crest do mean supporting your team even if you know that it is a wrong statement.

A player won’t perform in all the matches, a team won’t win everything every time. Real Madrid fans knew their chances of winning the UCL were less after Ronald’s departure, something similar happened when Neymar left Barcelona but still they hoped. Liverpool is desperate to win a premier league, Juventus and city desire a champions league trophy and many more but fans are still with their teams. It becomes very difficult to use social media when your team is going down, people start comparing players and teams but people often forget that football is a game of respect and constant learning.

No one is GOD here everyone has a background and a never-ending passion for this game but everything has an end, good phase, Bad phase and even an AMAZING CARRER.


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