India to Join Elite Group of Nuclear Triad

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Image Source: ANI

November 5th, 2018, became a historic day for India as, India’s first Indigenous Nuclear powered submarine successfully completed its first deterrence patrol.

In the event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulates the Indian Navy and said it a major achievement for the entire nation. After this success, India will be capable to launch Nuclear Weapon from Sea, Land, and Air.

India currently operates INS chakra, a Russian nuclear-powered submarine which India took on lease for 10 years in 2012.

Interesting Facts About Arihant Nuclear Powered Submarine

Arihant is India’s first, indigenously made nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine. It has been build under the Advance technology vessel project (ATV).
Its design is based on Russian Akula-1 class submarine. ATV project started in 1980 with help of Russia.
Arihant was first launched on 26th July 2009. It stared it’s sea trials in December 2014 and submarine was declared fit for operations in February 2016.
Arihant is Armed with 12 k-15 (Sagarika) missiles with a range of 750km and four K-4 missiles with a range of 3500km

What is Nuclear Triad Group:

When a country says itself as Nuclear Triad country it means that country has the capability to launch nuclear Weapon from Land, Air, and Water. As of now only 5 countries in the world are in the group of the Nuclear Triad, It includes the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, and China.

These countries are also the permanent members of UN.
After this India also joined the Elite group of the Nuclear Triad. Now India is capable of delivering its Nuclear weapon from Air (using Rafale, Mirage, SU30 MKI), Land (Agni series missile), Water (Arihant submarine).

Strategic Importance for India:

We all know that India is not blessed with very friendly neighbors. On the one side Pakistan and other side counties like China. India has a history of war with both countries. The only way to stay strong for any country is to increase its defense power.

India is committed to NO FIRST USE policy of Nuclear weapon. But it doesn’t mean that India should be ready to strike back in case it has been hit. In the same context after the induction of Arihant Nuclear powered submarine, the power of Indian armed forces has been increased by many folds. It also strong hand for Indian in the Indian Ocean. It is also important for global peace and regional stability.


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